Study visits - Informed Cities Forum 2013 & InContext Conference

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Please make a selection (check a box at the bottom of the page) of the study visit you wish to participate in on the afternoon of the second conference day, 7 June 2013, 15:00-18:00.

Photo: Prinzessinnengärten, see:


Brief descriptions of study visit options

  1. A guided tour and hands-on gardening in the Prinzessinnengärten, a community gardening project in Berlin Kreuzberg, on a site which was a wasteland for over half a century. This site is located in the immediate neighborhood of the conference venue.
    Starting time on site: 3pm
    Duration: 1 hour guided tour, 1 hour of active hands-on gardening work for interested participants.
  2. A guided tour around the Aufbau Haus, the creative center in Berlin Kreuzberg, and home of our conference venue, the tak.
    Starting time on site: 3pm
    Duration: around 1 hour, with the option of continuing to explore the house's many stores and creative spaces on your own.
  3. A guided tour of two different coworking spaces for creative minds, the  IMA Design Village  and the Betahaus.
    Starting time on site at IMA: 3pm
    Duration: 3 hours, ends at Betahaus, at a 5 minute walk from the conference venue
  4. Space for change-bike tour: A guided bicycle tour along a selection of Berlin's community-driven transformation hotspots (for the action-oriented biker).
    Starting time on site at Berlin on Bike, Prenzlauer Berg: 3pm
    Duration: 3 hours, starts and ends at Berlin on Bike, 30 minutes by subway from the conference venue
  5. Former Tempelhof Airfield: A guided outdoor walking tour of the former airfield of Tempelhof, located deep within the city, which today is being developed into an urban parkland. The park hosts an array of new and exciting uses, from gardening to kite surfing.
    Starting time on site, info pavillion, Columbiadamm: 3pm
    Duration: 2 hours, starts and ends at Tempelhofer Feld, 30 minutes by bus/subway from the conference venue
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